NOPD says Akein Scott involved with gang activity

Police believe the 19-year-old man wanted for Sunday's shooting at a second line is still in New Orleans.

FOX 8 sources tell us Akein Scott has managed to elude police with help from family members. Now, Mayor Mitch Landrieu and others are sending a strong message to anyone who helps the suspect.

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas says Scott is involved with gang activity around the Frenchmen Street area. Sunday's shooting took place at the intersection of Frenchmen and Villere Streets.

As the search for Scott continues, Chief Serpas, Mayor Landrieu and other members of the criminal justice community met with young men at Criminal Court Tuesday, some of whom are involved in gang activity themselves, to issue a strong message.

"If they choose to shoot like the shooter shot this weekend, then the consequences will be swift, they will be severe, they will be grave and they will spend the rest of their lives in jail if that's what justice requires them to do," Landrieu said.

The meeting is the third "call-in" held in recent months in an effort to help these young men turn their lives around.

Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro explains, "They have choices. They're involved in this process because they've made mistakes. But we're here to say that their life is not a mistake, that they have an opportunity to rectify themselves and their lives, if they take advantage of the services that are available to them."

Of the 23 men called into the meeting, some are on parole and others are currently in jail. They're just a small group of the 600 men identified by police as some of the city's most violent criminals. Tuesday's meeting also held another purpose.

Mayor Landrieu says it's to spread the word that anyone who helps Akein Scott will be in trouble. "We weren't just speaking to them as individuals, we were speaking to them as leaders in their communities and people that have other folks around them, because we know there is a much larger group out there and they will all be targeted," said Landrieu.

Many of the men at these call-in's are well known to police. In fact, Chief Serpas says Scott is someone 5th District officers were aware of, because of his gang activity and previous arrests. For that fact, Serpas believes it's only a matter of time, before he's caught.

"We know a whole lot more about him than he thinks we know. The time has come for him to bring himself in for justice," Serpas said.