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Saints' Victor Butler makes bold predictions about defense

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Metairie, La. - Speaking at Wednesday night's Saints Softball Game for charity put on by Ben Grubbs, new outside linebacker Victor Butler had some bold predictions for the defense's potential in 2013 under Rob Ryan, Butler's previous defensive coordinator in Dallas:

"Look at the roster and you look at the players.  Yeah, on paper, they were the worst defense but you look at the players...they don't have the worst defensive players.  These are guys that have been Super Bowl champions, Pro Bowlers at one time.  These are great teammates, great football players and you get a guy like Rob and a guy like Keenan Lewis and you add him to that secondary and a guy like me who can come in and help guys pick up this defense and you're going to see a helluva defense next year, that's what I'm expecting, a helluva defense.  We've already got the players to be a number one defense, you get a defensive coordinator in there and a guy who's going to be passionate and convey that passion on to the players and I wouldn't be surprised if we're number one in all categories next year."

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