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Local organization reaches out to young shooting victim

New Orleans, La. - At the ‘Cascade Stables', it's more than a riding lesson, it's a therapy session for the young children of the ‘Son of a Saint Foundation'.

All of the boys, between 9 and 13 years old, are dealing with their own hardships in life, but they're connected by one particular circumstance.

They are all fatherless.

"We have some whose father is incarcerated. We have some whose father was murdered and others abandoned them," says Bivian ‘Sonny' Lee.

Bivian ‘Sonny' Lee is the founder of the ‘Son of a Saint Foundation'.

His mission is to enhance the lives of young men through mentorship, mental health, education and recreation.

Children going through the program say it gives them hope.

"Most of us only have a mom, so he's kind of taking the place of our dads bringing us to this stuff. It's also been fun getting to know all these people that I never knew before," says Miles Stewart.

They certainly share a special bond.

When they learned of the mass shooting that happened during a second line parade, they questioned why it had to happen.

"I thought it was terrible. Why would you got to a festival and bring a gun. It makes no sense," says Stewart.

Of the gunman's 19 victims, one of them was 10 year old Ke'nard Allen.

Allen was grazed by a bullet on Mother's Day, but it was the second time in the past year he's been injured by gunfire.

Allen was also shot during his 10th birthday party outside of his grandmother's house when gunfire rang out.

Bullets pierced his leg and neck.

"He's got to be depressed. He's got to be angry. There's a reason why he isn't talking. He can't trust people. He doesn't know what's going on,' says Lee.

Lee immediately started thinking of how his foundation could help Allen.

"I'm telling you when I saw it, I was like, I know he can be changed. He doesn't know it yet but our services are offered to him," says Lee.

Allen also has something in common with the young men in the program.

Back in October, his father was murdered in a stabbing.

It's unclear if Allen will join the program, but those already involved are ready to help.

"We can help him get through these time and let him know that we'll always have his back," says Stewart.

Lee says he's in the process of reaching out to Allen's family.

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