After Further Review: A beautifully boring Saints offseason

I must admit, there are times when I sit at my desk in the FOX 8 sports office and get a little edgy. I get the feeling like I'm forgetting to do a part of my job covering the Saints.

I feel this way not because I can't keep up with what's going on with the Saints. But because there's practically nothing going on with the Saints, at all.

It's been completely calm and peaceful. And let's be honest, calm and peaceful are two words we haven't used much when describing a Saints offseason.

Last year at this time was the worst. Things were in utter chaos. They were deep in a league-wide scandal. Sean Payton was just handed an unprecedented suspension. And Drew Brees was still nowhere to be found.

The media attention was astounding. National networks camped out in New Orleans leading shows with Saints news.

At one point ESPN was on 'Brees watch.' It got so silly, on the first day of OTA's, Sportscenter led with an Ed Werder report that there was nothing to report. They literally led a national show with the news, that there was no news.

That was life for the Saints in 2012.

In 2013: a complete 180.

There are no bounties, no court cases, no suspensions and no holdouts. Thus, there's no buzz. For now, the Saints are a local story not a national one.

And that's quite all right with them. To have no buzz means they also have no distractions. And given where this team has been that's a trade they will gladly make.

This offseason has been completely distraction-free. We're not even out of May and the Saints already have their entire draft class signed. Even with the new CBA, that's unbelievably fast. They've gotten 100% participation rate in the offseason activities and have been as low-key as I could ever remember under Payton.

Call me crazy but this offseason has been pretty boring. But boring never looked so beautiful.

They saw what happened when they were not a hot topic but THE hot topic of the NFL last year. That's something no one ever wants to experience again.

So the Saints now remain calm, focused and most of all quiet. At long last, it's finally back to football.

Come to think about it, the last time it felt like this was 2009.

The same year they won the….. Nah, no way I'm going that far.