NOPD: 7th person arrested in Mother's Day shooting case

Monique Pepe (OPSO photo)
Monique Pepe (OPSO photo)
Image from surveillance video of Sunday's shooting
Image from surveillance video of Sunday's shooting

New Orleans, La. - Police arrested a seventh person Friday in connection with the Mother's Day shooting that injured 20 people.

19-year-old Monique Pepe is accused of allowing Shawn Scott to hide in her home.

Pepe is charged with accessory after the fact of attempted second degree murder, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of heroin, and possession with the intent to distribute cocaine.

Police say Scott opened fire on Sunday during the second line. It's alleged he stood across the street from his brother, Akein.

Brothers Akein and Shawn Scott sit behind bars accused of injuring 20 people with their gunfire on Mother's Day. Shawn Scott's bond sits at $10,091,000. Akein has a flat, $10 million bond.

FOX 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti explains, "It's $500,000 per count of attempted murder. That may be considered high but the reason it's $10 million is because he hit 19 or 20 people with the bullets, so it's just a mathematics issue."

Local bail bondsmen say it's the highest bond they've ever seen.

Raspanti says the bond comes down to numbers, but there's also a human element to this. "It's a guy who shot up a crowd of people marching on Mother's Day. That kind of inflames the passions of everyone, including maybe the passions of the judge who set the bond," said Raspanti.

According to police, the brothers are part of the Frenchmen and Derbigny Boys gang.

Friday morning, another gang appeared in Orleans Parish Criminal Court. 14 members of the 110'ers gang each entered not guilty pleas to charges ranging from racketeering to murder. Four of those reputed gang members are accused of killing five-year-old Brianna Allen during a shooting last year.

Security inside the courtroom was tight.  At least 25 police officers and sheriff's deputies stood watch during the court proceeding.

Victims and Citizens Against Crime representative Al Mims says the gang problem in the city has become so rampant, he fears this latest round of arrests won't make a dent.

"It's not over yet... until we start doing, the justice system and the community, start doing a better job, we just ABC, another bad apple," said Mims.

Mims says often times, gang members are arrested and then let out of jail on low bonds. For instance, Akein Scott was arrested earlier this year on weapons charges and released on a $15,000 bond.

"It makes me angry because the justice system, they know who they are, they messed up. I'm hoping that when we mess up, we fix it up and not do it again. We can't keep doing it over and over again because people's lives are in danger," said Mims.

Shawn Scott was sentenced back in 2008 to eight years in prison, but obviously he didn't serve the full time. Raspanti says the Department of Corrections has certain statutes for how much time an inmate must serve based on the crime.

Some wonder, had he served the full sentence, whether the shooting on Mother's Day would have happened at all.