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Local Red Cross, Salvation Army volunteers help OKC survivors

Red Cross volunteers from south Louisiana have mobilized to provide emergency aid to tornado victims.

One team left New Orleans for Oklahoma Tuesday morning, and the local Salvation Army says its crews are on standby. 

Red Cross volunteers Beaulah Davis and Thomas Butler of New Orleans answered the emergency call for help in Oklahoma.

Butler said, "This one is tough, looking at the news the last few days, seeing that there's nothing left."

Not even 24 hours after the devastation, the pair loaded into a Red Cross emergency response vehicle on Canal Street and headed for Oklahoma, where Butler says they'll be assigned to a kitchen. 

They're one of several teams deployed from south Louisiana. 

Melissa Eugene-Duplantier, another volunteer with the Red Cross, said,  "Overall, nationwide, 25 trucks from American Red Cross chapters all over the country are moving in to Oklahoma City today."

The local Salvation Army says it remains on standby, waiting for the call for help.  Other Salvation Army crews are already on the ground in the town of Moore, considered ground zero for Monday's deadly tornado.

Salvation Army canteens in New Orleans are ready to go. Maj. William Owens with the Salvation Army says, "These trailers for instance carry 5,000 meals ready to go… Our disaster unit itself  carries 1,500 meals that are ready to go to be cooked."

Like the Salvation Army, the Red Cross knows this is likely just the beginning of what could be an effort that will consume its volunteers for weeks and possibly months.  

The Northwest Louisiana chapter of the Red Cross began the dispatch of three emergency response vehicles, one each from Shreveport, Monroe and Alexandria Monday. 

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