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Bayou communities give to Oklahoma relief

Lockport, La. - Bobbie Morris, a dentist in Lockport, had a four-day weekend scheduled. Her only plan was to relax -- until she saw images from Moore, Oklahoma on TV.

"When I saw a whole area just completely destroyed and thought these people need our help and we can help them, " she says. "We can figure out some way to help them."

Morris put out a call on Facebook for peanut butter and jelly. Less than 48 hours later, a team of volunteers helped fill an 18-wheeler that will leave for Oklahoma Friday morning.

"I'm hoping to get a driver up there safely with this load of stuff and get it out to the people," says Morris. "I'm not sure if we can go. I'm still trying to find that out if they need volunteers. But the truck can definitely go and there's volunteers there to unload it and sort it and get it to the people that need it."

Morris isn't the only one collecting for the victims in Oklahoma.  Kief Hardware also asked its Facebook friends for donations. The warehouse behind the store in Cut Off is stacked with everything from clothes to couches.

"We're accepting everything but mostly we're accepting anything that could help with clean-up, tarps, gloves, any tools that they could use to pick up debris," says employee Jessi Fuselier. "We're accepting toiletries, baby items, any non-perishable foods."

Employees at Kief expect to fill three tractor-trailers with the donations. The trucks will be leaving as soon as they're filled and the company is working with an employee at Moore Public Schools to distribute the items once they arrive in Oklahoma.

David Authement is headed to another part of Oklahoma with the supplies he collects. Authement's friends live in Carney, which was devastated by an EF-4 tornado Sunday.

"There's no longer a house there," he says. "There's nothing. All they could get was a few pictures off the ground and that was it."

There are drop-off sites around Houma, including Journey Hospice on Corporate Drive, Tiger Lounge on Bayou Gardens Boulevard Hank's Waterfall and J-Don's on Grand Calliou Road.

Authement plans to hit the road in the next couple of days. "We have another trailer that I'm going to fill up when I'm gone and when I get back, we're going to fill it up again and go back again," he says.

Why help the storm victims in Oklahoma?  Everyone here answers the same, because we've been through it so many times.

"A lot of people came from a lot of places and sent things to us, truckloads of supplies and goods and we got back on our feet," says Morris. "I want them to get back on theirs too."

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