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Butcher creates marijuana-infused pork

Seattle, WA. - Some food venturers give high praise for one butcher's latest creation: marijuana-infused pork.

William Von Schneidau said it's so popular, he ran out of meat for his store, Rachel The Pig.

"In the butcher shop, we're able to make anything you can imagine," Von Schneidau said. "Somebody requests something and we make it."

Von Schneidau took leftovers from a medical marijuana grower and fed it to pigs. He said he experiments with a lot of different ingredients.

Von Schneidau usually makes a little extra to see of the public would enjoy a new product. In the case of the pot-bellied porker, food lovers could not get enough.

Who knows, the next item on the menu may be sour pickled-fed pork.

Washington legalized marijuana use in December. Adults can have up to one ounce of pot on their person.

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