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NOPD announces commander "realignment"

FOX 8 received this news release from the New Orleans Police Department Friday evening:

Today the New Orleans Police Department announced the realignment of several Police Commanders. Beginning Sunday, May 26th, the following assignments will become effective:

Commander Robert E. Norton will be reassigned from the First District to the Special Operations Division which includes the SWAT team, Bomb Squad and Traffic Unit.

Commander Otha L. Sandifer will be reassigned from the Academy to the First District.

Commander Tami A. Brisset will be reassigned from the Management Services Bureau to the Public Integrity Bureau overseeing administrative and criminal investigations.

Commander Rannie Mushatt will be reassigned from the Public Integrity Bureau to the Criminal Investigations Division which includes Homicide, Special Victims Unit and Property Crimes.

Commander Kim Lewis-Williams will be reassigned from the Criminal Investigations Division to the Police Academy and Recruitment.

Commander Edwin C. Hosli will be reassigned from the Crime Lab and Central Property Room to the Management Services Bureau overseeing the Record Room and Logistics/Fleet/Radio Shop.

Commander Paul Noel continues to command the Second District, Commander John Thomas the Third District, Commander Brian Weiss the Fourth District, Commander Chris Goodly the Fifth District, Commander Robert Bardy the Sixth District, Commander Mike Harrison the Seventh District, Commander Jeff Walls the Eighth District, Commander James Treadaway the Chief of Staff, Commander Bernardine Kelly Deputy Assistant of Field Operations Bureau and Commander Henry Dean leading Specialized Investigation, the Multi-Agency Gang Unit and Vice/Narcotics.

Superintendent Ronal Serpas said, "One of the most effective ways to make division leaders even stronger and more beneficial to the department as a whole is to give them the opportunity to head up other divisions. A well-rounded team of Commanders means a more experienced group of leaders, who can take the entire department to the next level".

As part of the announcement today, NOPD announced that Commander Edwin Hosli has been reinstated to full duty following the close of local and federal investigations into the red light traffic camera detail. Those investigations were first launched in 2011. The Inspector General and the FBI looked into allegations that Commander Hosli formed an LLC to conceal his management of that paid detail, as well as the fact that this LLC was doing business with the City of New Orleans. Federal and State prosecutors reviewed those investigations, as well as one conducted by the Public Integrity Bureau (PIB), and declined criminal prosecution. PIB investigators did determine that Commander Hosli formed an LLC in violation of department rules, and subsequently, Hosli was suspended for this violation in August of 2011.

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