Laplace residents spent Memorial Day re-building their homes

Laplace resident John Francis
Laplace resident John Francis

Laplace - On Memorial Day, lots of people enjoy the company of friends and family and spend time outdoors, but in Laplace, some residents spent the day doing what they do almost every other day....continuing to repair their homes, nearly destroyed by Hurricane Isaac.

John Francis has spent almost every waking moment at his house, in the River Wood subdivision, trying to un-do the damage caused by Hurricane Isaac. "The biggest process was trying to get the flooring down and then trying to get the sheet rock done right," Francis explained.

Memorial Day is no exception. Instead of grilling out or spending the day with family, Francis is alone, at his house. He's driven in from Destrehan, where he's been staying since after the storm, to try to get some more work done. "No sense in paying the house note and flood insurance and homeowners insurance if you can't use your house," Francis said.

Just a few neighborhoods over, the Johnson family enjoys their backyard swimming pool on this holiday. But dad Herman is more consumed with the work he says that needs to be done in and around the house, explaining, "As far as our ceiling, we have to get that re-done. Our furnace, we have to get that done on the inside there."

Johnson says there's one major challenge slowing down the whole process. "We're battling as far as our insurance company trying to get it done. They come up with all kinds of excuses," said Johnson.

The homeowner says he feels like there's a lingering cloud over his head, as long as he knows there's work to be done on his house. To make matters worse, the nation's top forecasters predict another unusually active hurricane season... which starts in just a few days. Herman Johnson says he'll be prepared with all the necessary essentials, but mentally, he's not sure if he can withstand another storm saying, "If it does flood again, especially from the lake, I don't know if we're going to stay or go next time."

John Francis says he can't even think about another hurricane hitting his home. Instead, he's leaving it up to the powers that be saying, "Well, I look at it this way, God is going to give you what you can take and sometimes he challenges you a little bit more than others." Francis is hoping he isn't the one challenged the next time around.