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Mother's Day second line gets a second chance

Second line in the 7th ward Second line in the 7th ward

NEW ORLEANS, La. - On Saturday, hundreds of people re-did the Mother's Day second line in the 7th Ward that weeks ago ended after gunfire erupted and 20 people were injured. No violence on this day though, as residents said they showed up to give their support to the second line culture in New Orleans.

Members of the Original Big Seven Social Aid and Pleasure Club led the way down Elysian Fields Avenue. Hundreds of people followed. Some were city leaders, some neighborhood residents and some out-of-town visitors who came in specifically to attend this second line.

"We came down with some friends, just wanted to support what was going on, support people's efforts to express freedom however they choose," said Jackson, Miss., resident Adam Carson.

Almost three weeks ago, the second line celebration was marred by gun violence. Police say two brothers opened fire on the crowd at the intersection of Frenchmen and Villere Streets. The shooting made international headlines.

"It made me really angry," said resident Phillip Whitmore. "I got a lot of phone calls from friends out of town, like - 'oh it's not safe,' and you hate to see that."

So the Original Big Seven decided to host a second line again, this time with increased police presence. As the second line marched past Frenchmen and Villere Saturday, music filled the air.

"This is a great day for New Orleans to talk about the spirit of New Orleans," said NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas, who attended the event. "The people of New Orleans are not going to be held back by nothing. This is just an example of that."

Friends Ann Marie Coviello and Nita Ketmer said as soon as they heard about the second line being re-done, they knew they needed to attend. They say they didn't have any concerns for their safety, they just wanted to celebrate New Orleans.

"I'm just thrilled that we're back out, and I think the city has done a great job of protecting the parade and giving everybody a second chance," Coviello said.

And because this second time around went so smoothly, resident Clarence Cordova, who lives around the corner from where the shooting took place, said he'd like the rest of the world to see what New Orleans is really about.

"Everything went international before," Cordova said. "Let this go international. Let 'em know we alright, we good."

Of the 20 who were injured three weeks ago, only one of the victims remains in the hospital. That victim was recently upgraded to guarded condition.

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