Lee Zurik Investigation: St. Tammany coroner's CFO resigns

File photo of Kim Kelly
File photo of Kim Kelly

A second high-ranking employee in the St. Tammany Parish Coroner's Office has resigned.

A source close to the Coroner's Office says chief financial officer Kim Kelly quit on Friday.

We called the Coroner's Office Monday for confirmation and were told chief investigator Mark Lombard would call us back. He never did, and didn't return an email. The employee who answered the phone wouldn't confirm whether Kelly still worked there.

Kelly made a six-figure salary with Dr. Peter Galvan's office. Our investigation showed she had many questionable charges on her public credit card, including spending public money on groceries.

Last month, the coroner's executive director, Melanie Comeaux, resigned from her job.

Galvan and his office are under federal investigation. One week before Kelly resigned, the FBI raided Galvan's office. A FOX 8 camera showed up just as federal investigators were leaving. It's unclear what they took from the office.

FOX 8 has detailed questionable management and spending in the office in a series of investigations.