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Serpas: no damage to Monette's car, cameras checked

Monette's car is pulled from Bayou St. John Monette's car is pulled from Bayou St. John

New Orleans, La. - With a cause of death now determined, New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas says the investigation into what happened in Terrilynn Monette's final hours can move forward.

Detectives examined every inch of Monette's black Honda after it was pulled out of Bayou St. John Saturday, three months after she disappeared.

"We've looked at the car, there's no evidence on the car that there was a hit-and-run or that it was involved in an accident that we can tell," says Serpas. "There's no real damage to the undercarriage either, so at this point it's more about collecting information, reminding anybody who may have seen something."

Serpas says investigators looked at surveillance videos from around Lakeview in the days after Monette vanished.

Detectives initially thought she turned left from Harrison onto Marconi. Serpas now says they were never certain it was actually Monette's car spotted on the red light camera.

"It was a car that looked like Terrilynn's car, but you could never make out the license plate and many people are jumping to the conclusion that that's actually a fact," he says. "What did happen is our 3rd District detectives were not satisfied that that was the vehicle to exclude it, brought the search across City Park, brought the search to Bayou St. John, which brought us to look into Bayou St. John. And unfortunately, that's eventually where Terrilynn's car and Terrilynn was recovered."

Monette's car was found in the bayou right off Harrison and Wisner, so it would seem she never made that left turn. 

Even now that her body's been found, some questions remain.

"We're glad that we're able to move forward into the investigation and see if we can learn anything else that might give a better understanding of what happened," says Serpas. "Candidly, we may never know."

Toxicology reports may help shed some light on what happened. The results are expected back in a couple of weeks.

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