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JP's Meals on Wheels program faces cutbacks

File photo from Jefferson Council on Aging File photo from Jefferson Council on Aging

The Jefferson Council on Aging says it has no choice but to cut the amount of meals it provides for seniors through the Meals on Wheels program.

Council on Aging officials say they had been providing a little over 1,000 meals to seniors each year. But Executive Director Al Robichaux says, because of rising costs and a drop in monetary donations for the program in recent years, they plan to provide 200 fewer meals in the new fiscal year.

Jefferson Parish Council members want the Council on Aging to see if there's a way to make up the money in other areas.

"I'm not looking at trying to cut out all of the recreational activities, please don't take it in that regard," said Councilman Chris Roberts.  "But I do have a big concern knowing that there's a hundred people on the waiting list."

Robichaux told us, "Our meals are delivered by people in their private automobiles and we have to reimburse them for mileage.  And of course gasoline in the last eight years has gone up tremendously, and our contributions we're receiving have decreased."

Area Councils on Aging say they were successful in fending off cuts in state funding this year. But the economy has taken a bite out of donations from the public.

For information on the Meals on Wheels program in Jefferson Parish or to add your support, click here.

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