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Lee Zurik Investigation: Jim Bridger to pay, yet again

File image of Jim Bridger File image of Jim Bridger

Almost three years after FOX 8 News raised questions about his spending, the former general manager of the Public Belt Railroad has admitted guilt to the State Ethics Board and agreed to pay a fine.

Jim Bridger admitted that guilt in April; the board recently made it public.

Bridger bought and renovated rail cars with public money. They belonged to the Public Belt Railroad. But FOX 8 investigations showed Bridger used the cars personally -- and for that he will pay, again.

Bridger admitted guilt to the State Ethics Board, signing off on an order that he incurred catering and liquor costs totaling almost $10,000. Bridger would bring friends and family on the cars and buy alcohol and food with public money.

The board fined Bridger $3,000; he'll pay it to the state treasurer. This concludes all of the investigations into the former Public Belt boss.

Our series from 2010 showed Bridger spent thousands of dollars on his public credit card at restaurants, on a luxurious beach condo where he bought Vaseline and tanning oil, and Bridger refurbished those rail cars and used them personally.

Bridger already settled his cases with the state and federal government.

He pleaded guilty in both courts, was fined $10,000 and ordered to pay almost $6,000 in restitution. And now, Bridger will be out more money, $3,000 to the state after admitting he broke state ethics laws.

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