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Elephants getting new home at Audubon Zoo

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The Audubon Zoo's elephants will be moving to new stomping grounds this summer. 

The zoo says its two female Asian elephants, Panya and Jean, will move from a 1930s-era enclosure into a new 1-acre area. 

The enclosure resembles the Works Progress Administration-style architecture of the existing barn that opened in the 1930s. 

The new location will have shade trees and two pools for the animals. Their barn will have padded floors and will be heated. It's designed to house four elephants. 

Panya is 49 years old and Jean, who is 40. Both elephants have been at Audubon for more than 30 years. 

Moving the elephant exhibit is part of a larger redesign of the zoo's Asian Domain. 

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