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Geismar plant fatality: "He'd do anything for you"

Zach Green (Courtesy Kerry Pitre) Zach Green (Courtesy Kerry Pitre)

Thursday's explosion in Geismar brought Zach Green's hopes, dreams and goals to a screeching halt. Now the 29-year-old's loved ones are trying to figure out how to move forward.

"He'd do anything for you, give you the shirt off his back. He had a great smile, the type that would light up a room," says longtime friend Erin Lyon, who played soccer with Green since the two were just 12-years-old.

"He was able to pull off things that nobody else would be able to make happen. It didn't make sense that it would work. But because of his demeanor and confidence it worked," says Nick Green, Zach's younger brother.

As soon as Nick Green heard about the fire Thursday, he knew his brother would be close to danger. "If he wasn't killed in the initial explosion, he would have been there fighting the fire. That was his job," says the 26-year-old.

Green heard the devastating news about his brother shortly after he arrived at the Lamar-Dixon Center Thursday, unable to sit at work and wait for answers any longer.

Now, Nick is coping with his brother's loss by focusing on doing what's best for the wife and 7-year-old daughter Zach Green leaves behind.

"He finally got to have one of his dreams come true - he got to be a soccer dad. She got old enough to play soccer. This past season her team made it to the finals and he was so excited," Nick Green tearfully recalls.

Green says his young niece is having trouble understanding why her father isn't coming home.

"From the moment he saw his daughter, it changed his life. That's all he wanted to be was the best dad," says Green.

Zach Green's friends and family say life will never be the same, but they're vowing to ensure his legacy lives on.

That effort starts Saturday at Ponchatoula High School, where at 10:00 a.m., friends and family will host a memorial soccer game in Green's honor. Zach's friends will play for him, and they're inviting the public to come and watch.

"We just want to be surrounded by friends and family. That's what it is about, to have friends and family here," says Nick Green.

No funeral arrangements had been set as of Friday. Plans for a scholarship fund benefiting Green's young daughter are in the works.

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