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Sleeping tips for toddlers and babies

Sleeping tips for toddlers and babies Sleeping tips for toddlers and babies

Many parents know its not always easy getting babies and toddlers to fall asleep quickly.

But sleep experts say there are some techniques you can use to help combat that problem.

For starters, with babies, you're urged to keep toys out of the baby's crib area.

This allows the baby to associate their crib with sleeping and not playtime.

Another tip involves putting some space between you and your baby from the beginning.

That allows them to take at least one solo nap daily and helps them get comfortable with sleeping alone.

Other tricks include keeping the nursery at room temperature. Also keep the room as dark as possible.

For toddlers, you're urged to keep your toddler busy while he or she is awake either indoors or outdoors weather permitting.

Daytime naps may also affect how sleepy your child feels at night. If bedtime's a constant battle try cutting out, or shortening, his or her daytime naps.

 If your toddler does not usually take a nap during the day, then just have him or her have a quiet rest period, which will refresh and re-energize him until bedtime comes along.

Have a bedtime routine and stick to it! It's very easy to get off track so this may take a bit of effort at first. Begin the routine straight after dinner and don't deviate from it.

If, despite trying this routine for a few weeks, your toddler is still impossible to get into bed, a glass of warm milk may do the trick.

Don't under any circumstances give your child any type of sleep medication, no matter how mild. It will always lead to further sleeping problems in the future.

You're urged to check with your child's pediatrician to get some more help if these tips don't work.

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