Wedding ring mistakenly sold at yard sale gets returned

Fox 8 still image
Fox 8 still image

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. (AP) - A diamond wedding ring that was mistakenly sold at a community yard sale has been returned to its owner.

The Orange County Register reported Friday that a couple given a wooden watch box by one of their relatives who bought it at a community wide garage sale recovered the ring.

Laguna Niguel resident Racquel Cloutier had hidden her $23,000 ring inside the box for safe keeping from her twin toddlers before heading to the hospital to give birth to her fifth child on May 31. When she returned she learned her husband had sold the box at the yard sale for $10.

The story attracted widespread media attention, which prompted the couple to search for the ring.

Cloutier says her husband never expected they'd get it back.

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