Gas line explosion near Franklinton

FRANLINTON, La. (AP) - A gas line explosion has shaken residents out of their beds in a rural area of Washington Parish near the community of Enon.

Sheriff Randy Seal says there were no reports of injuries from the blowout, which occurred around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday. Seal says the gas line is located off Lee Road and smoke is still coming from the site, but it "appears the fire is out."

He said there are people living near the gas line, but no one has been evacuated.

Louisiana State Police indicate the suspected cause of the explosion is a rupture in a 30 inch natural gas line.

Red cross volunteers and an emergency response vehicle are on scene.

Firefighters with the Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry are on stand-by with two bulldozers and a pumper truck to help contain the fire in the event it gets out of control or another gas line erupts. At this time, the fire is contained.

LDAF firefighters on the scene say there were approximately 100 foot flames shooting out of the pipe at one point and could be seen from miles away.

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