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Steve Gleason responds to offensive Atlanta radio station's actions

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New Orleans, La. - A day after distasteful jokes made on an Atlanta radio station about Steve Gleason Monday morning got the three hosts involved fired, the embattled former Saint has issued a response:

"Regarding the DJ skit in Atlantayesterday. I would like to thank the public for their support.  'DefendTeam Gleason' now has been officially redefined.  Additionally, the DJs have providedgenuine apology. Received and accepted. We have all made mistakes in this life.How we learn from our mistakes is the measure of who we are. 

I think everyone can learn from this event. It's clearto me that, on a national & globalscale, ALS is not understood, which is part of why it's under funded and largelyignored.  In the past 36 hours lots ofpeople have been talking. Let's talk about this... There are zero treatmentsfor ALS. If you take any action as a result of this event, I prefer it to beaction to end ALS.  See what we are doing to changethat @"

The radio station's general manager, Rick Mack, issued an apology Monday evening after terminating the employment of the three on-air personalities.

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