Friends, family try to understand death of 5-year-old girl

A friend of Viloude Louis holds a picture of the girl
A friend of Viloude Louis holds a picture of the girl

Terrytown, La. - Bryance Joseph's father explained it to her in the simplest terms a 7-year-old could understand.

"She was on the floor and her brother got on her and crack her spines," she says.

Bryance was good friends with 5-year-old Viloude Louis. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says Viloude died Sunday when her 13-year-old half-brother performed wrestling moves on her.

Detectives say Devalon Armstrong admitted slamming the little girl on a bed several times, punching her repeatedly in the stomach and not stopping when she said it hurt.

The young teen told investigators he'd seen the moves on television and, though he knew much of it was fake, tried it anyway.

"There's no mimicking this kind of stuff when you're slamming a 5-year-old over your knee and on the bed and things of that nature," says Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand. "They're fragile, they're 5 years old, they're still very, very young... The child experienced fractured ribs and significant internal injuries and obviously was in significant distress as a result of that, and succumbed to those injuries."

The children were home alone as the girl's mother, Adlourde Desvallons, ran errands. She says she has no idea where her stepson learned the moves because she doesn't think he ever watched wrestling on TV.

"I don't know what he's got in his mind," says Desvallons. "I don't know if he did it on purpose or not. I really don't know why, That's my question, I don't know why. That's his little sister."

She was a little sister who 11-year-old Christelle Louis loved dearly. "When she would see a person sad, she would just come up to them or give them a hug or talk to them and she would always give them a smile on their face," she says.

As a memorial grows outside the apartment in Terrytown, Bryance Joseph remembers the playmate who shared so many summertime adventures. They loved to get popsicles, Viloude liked the chocolate ones.

"It's been nice to play with her," she says. "I always want to see her. I miss her so much."