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Dispute over proposed development in Holy Cross neighborhood

New Orleans, La. - People who live in the historic Holy Cross neighborhood believe it's being threatened. They're against a proposed plan to redevelop the old Holy Cross School site.

Perez Development is proposing two seven-story residential and retail buildings on the riverfront. It would include between 240 and 270 units.

People who live in the area say it's not compatible with the existing character of the neighborhood.

"It's really one dimensional, so in spite of the fact that they are calling it a mixed-use development, what they are proposing right now is 270 rental units that are comprised of 800 square feet and clearly they are not marketing to families," says resident Sarah DeBacher.

They also worry about traffic issues. "We don't have the infrastructure to support 270 additional apartment units in just 12 acres," says DeBacher.

The old Holy Cross administrative building would be renovated and Perez plans to move its offices into the space.

Before a planned meeting, the Neighborhood Association organized a protest. They gathered at the site, and walked in unity to the meeting.

Once inside, Perez Senior Vice-President Steve Massicot addressed the crowd. 

"Not everyone felt like they were being engaged in the process, so we've pulled our application," says Massicot, referencing the company's application to the city's Planning Commission.

His intention is to come up with a compromise for the development and then resubmit the bid.

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