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Dozens rally in Jackson Square to celebrate court rulings

New Orleans, La. - As far as memorable days go, Kelly Bryson says this one ranks in her top five.

"We talked about how we got a bunch of rights today and they wanted to know what that meant," she says, standing with her son. "It's hard to explain to this age but, for my partner and I, this is a phenomenal day."

Bryson's family joined dozens of people in Jackson Square for a Day of Decision rally. In the shadow of St. Louis Cathedral, they celebrated the Supreme Court's rulings on same-sex marriage.

The high court on Wednesday struck down a big part of the Defense of Marriage Act and soon, people who were legally wed in states that allow same-sex marriage will be eligible for federal benefits.

Bryson is a federal employee. "I carry a family health care policy, she carries a separate one," she says. "Anybody that pays for health care knows that's a big deal. Retirement annuities... she's now the person that could benefit from that at retirement. Federal life insurance... Those are the big ones for us and I'm sure there's a bunch that I'm going to be looking forward to."

Not all new benefits may be eligible to Bryson because same-sex marriage is still banned in Louisiana. Members of the Forum for Equality say their fight is far from over.

"Now we're trying to work against that, trying to right that and we're finding that people are now on our side in growing numbers," says member John Denison. "They want equality, they want to see that we're not second-class citizens and that we don't have second-class marriages or relationships."

Bryson says it may take a while to figure out what benefits her family can now enjoy.

She and her partner were legally married in Canada, so they may have to re-wed in a state that allows same-sex marriages. For now, they celebrate a big day full of love.

"I haven't looked at all of the consequences yet but I think, as a federal employee, there's a ton of benefits that I've got right now that I didn't have last night," Bryson says.

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