Man rips off part of his penis after taking hallucinogenic mushrooms

According to the Huffington Post, police in Ohio responding to an alarm going off at a middle school found a bloody naked man screaming after he ripped off his penis during a drug-fueled craze.

The 41-year-old Ohio man, whose name has not been reported, was found around 1 am on June 18 kneeling outside the school. He was found naked and full of blood from the waist down with a portion of his genitals ripped off.

Sgt. Geoff Fox told that the man had "mutilated his genitals with his bare hands" and that "he was doing a lot of yelling and screaming."

The man admitted to investigators that he had taken "magic" mushrooms before this incident took place. According to reports, it took at least six officers to subdue him.

His missing body parts were transferred with him to the hospital. He is currently in stable condition and toxicology results are pending.