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Gretna Post Office gets citation warning

Gretna, La. - Whether you're simply dropping a letter in the mail or going inside to buy stamps, it's hard to miss the conditions of the Gretna Post Office.

"It looks horrible. I mean the grass is super high. It looks really bad," says Roy Bolds.

"It's very difficult for government to go out and cite a private property owner if you don't keep up your own facilities. This is a federal facility so they are responsible for maintaining that," says Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts.

The grass is more than a foot tall. Trash and debris litter the parking lot and on the inside, people say it isn't much better.

"Usually when I go in there in the evening, there's trash all over the floor," says Christina Gonzales.

"Just recently, I think the air was out. They had fans and stuff going. I mean the doors are always open," says Bolds.

"It's difficult when a federal facility becomes an eyesore within a community. Garden Park is a very nice subdivision. The City of Gretna take a lot of pride in keeping it up and when you've got the main Post Office that just looks like it's in a third world country, it's not very pleasing and it's unacceptable," says Roberts.

The City of Gretna decided to take action and issued a citation violation warning to the Gretna postmaster, citing a broken door, roof maintenance, an unclean lobby, an unclean parking lot and tall grass and debris.

The city says, if the property isn't in compliance by Saturday morning, citations will be issued.

"Just because it's a federal facility doesn't mean they don't have to adhere to the same quality of life issues that any other property owner would have to adhere to as well. I understand the federal government is having some difficulties in funding the post office but that doesn't mean that you can allow your facilities to fall into disrepair," says Roberts.

A spokesperson for the Louisiana district of the United States Postal Service issued a statement: ‘We apologize to all of our customers for the high grass and weeds at the Gretna Post Office. As recent as this morning, a contract was secured to maintain the yard and exterior grounds of the Gretna Post Office."

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