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Civil Service rules fired NOPD officer can get job back

A fired New Orleans police officer can get her job back. That decision was handed down by the Civil Service Commission.

Nine-year veteran Keyalah Bell allegedly hit a parked car in Algiers back in May of 2011. She was fired for allegedly violating NOPD rules, specifically having to do with adherence to law and excessive use of alcohol off duty.

The traffic charges were later thrown out in court, but Bell was fired anyway in August of 2012.

The Civil Service Commission ruled Tuesday that the NOPD failed to complete its administrative investigation within 60 days, and instead took much longer. The panel ruled that Bell should be reinstated with back pay.

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas issued this statement on the commission's decision Monday afternoon:

At the time of Keyalah Bell's case, the 4th Circuit allowed administrative cases to be put on hold while a criminal case was on-going.  The court recently changed its opinion.  The NOPD will continue to review its appeal options with the City Attorney, given the recent, drastic change of the court's long-standing position on this matter.

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