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Rap artist returns to his roots to fight violence

Master P Master P

New Orleans, La. - Master P grew up in the Calliope Projects and remembers being surrounded by drugs, violence and murder.

"This is an epidemic that is killing our culture. It's the drugs, the violence and lack of education. But you have to change that as a person," says Master P, whose birth name is Percy Robert Miller.

Through the years, Master P says he rose above the negativity and focused on his education. "I grew up in the projects, but I was a good student. I realized that education saves lives," says Master P.

Today, he's a renowned musical entrepreneur and one of the highest-paid artists in the industry.  Still, Master P says he's never forgotten where he came from and he's saddened by the crime that still exists in New Orleans.

"You see people shooting into a crowd of people, killing kids. They're killing people that didn't even do them anything. We've got to wake up as a people," says Master P.

He says he's often thought about the lyrics he uses in his music and the effect it may have on children.

"At one time, I wanted to change my music. Now, I've realized that I can't change my music but I have to give them a message in the end. They don't want to hear somebody preaching to them. They want to hear something real. They want to hear the success stories and that's why we are back here to let them see," says Master P.

The rap artist want to be part of the solution. He's joined forces with Mystikal and several others to perform a benefit concert called "A Day Out Against Crime." He says the anti-crime event will come with a message.

"Education is the difference. A lot of these people committing these crimes, they're making these negative choices cause they don't understand their options. They don't have the education. You think you're doing something cool if you pick up a gun and shoot somebody. You're going to end up dead or in prison," says Master P.

The concert will be held at 6 Wednesday evening at Behrman Stadium on the West Bank.

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