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New Orleans author argues Morsi ouster not a typical coup

Author Andy Young Author Andy Young

New Orleans-- An author who splits her time between New Orleans and Alexandria, Egypt believes the removal of President Mohammed Morsi from office should not be viewed as a typical military coup.

"That contract with the people was null and void," said Andy Young, author of "The People is Singular," a book about the Arab Spring.

Young believes Morsi became, in effect, an elected authoritarian, rising to power through a vote of the people only to govern above them.

Last November, she points out, Morsi declared he could not be over-ruled, pushing through a constitution millions of Egyptians did not want.

"If you can imagine President Obama suddenly saying, 'I have no checks and balances, I'm above the law,' he'd impeached," Young said. "But there's no impeachment process in Egypt."

In the day's ahead, she fears violence is inevitable, especially following news the Muslim Brotherhood was retaliating against Morsi opponents.

"I hope it can be contained," Young said. "It's ultimately a very peaceful society." 

However, she noted, "There are just a lot more weapons floating around than there used to be."

Young also insists Morsi's ouster is not seeing typical military take over, but instead a transitional government with more of a plan than was the case two years ago when a popular uprising brought down Hosni Mubarak.

"Some people have argued and I might even agree with them at this point that it was good that an Islamist government came into power," Young said. "Everybody got a chance to see it doesn't work for Egypt."

Young believes Egyptians have "a strong sense of their culture and history" and no desire to be force fed a new identity.

Long term, she remains optimistic about Egypt's move toward democracy.

"I have utter faith in the Egyptian people after, I think, they have pulled off two revolutions here."

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