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Drinking your weight away

New Orleans -- It's called the B-D-A diet....that stands for before, during and after. Houston resident Blake Sylva used the B-D-A diet philosophy to go from 280 pounds down to 200. He's written this book, called "Weight Loss is Easy" to help others follow suit. 

Blake Sylva used to weigh in at 280 pounds and wore a size 40, he now wears a size 34. 

"This has been a 40-year-battle. I've been the fat kid in class since the 3rd grade. If I can lose weight and keep it off, I guarantee, you can as well," says Sylva. 

Silva' s secret seems simple. 

"I follow what I call a before during and after program: a glass of water before during and after every meal," says Sylva. 

The water helps Sylva feel more full, so he doesn't eat nearly as much. 

Sylva says he no longer snacks or eats emotionally, like he did when he tried dozens of other diets.

It turns off the mechanism that triggers hunger, making it a lot easier to lose weight," says Sylva.

Sylva now allows himself to enjoy the foods he used to avoid, just in a smaller portion size, and always with a glass of water before during and after the meal.
"One of the most exciting things is that, the foods I would never eat, or when I did I felt guilty about them. Mexican food, pizza, chocolate... those are now among my favorites," says Sylva.

There are three other components to the B-D-A diet, including exercise, but not as much as one might think. 

"I walk every day 1-2 miles," says Sylva. "I read at least 20 minutes of inspirational books. I've learned there's a physical side of weight loss, which is the walking plus the before, during, after program. Then there's the a more important mental side," says Sylva.

The mental side of the B-D-A diet involves inspiring yourself by number one, reading motivational messages and secondly, controlling negative thoughts. 

"I've learned how to take control of my self-talk," says Sylva. "I used to tell myself obesity runs in my family, weight loss is hard. I don't have time to exercise. What I teach in my book, is that I've taken control of my self talk. Now all I ever tell myself is weight loss is easy, weight loss is easy, weight loss is easy," says Sylva.

Sylva says it took him about seven months to drop 80 pounds, and he's still losing! Sylva says he should drop down to 180 pounds by the time this summer is over.

"Today I'm almost 50 years old. I look and feel younger today than I did 20 years ago," says Sylva

Sylva has created a website to go along with his book, where he provides inspirational messages and testimonials from other people who have used the BDA diet to lose weight. While there isn't a scientific study backing up Sylva's diet plan, there is a dietician who says very few of us get the amount of water we need on a daily basis, so at the very least, the B-D-A diet is a good way to get those recommended 8-10 glasses of water every day.

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