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Uptown homeowner and friends held up while sitting on porch

New Orleans, La. - For one Uptown homeowner and three friends, a celebratory night ended with a chilling encounter, early Friday morning. 

The group of two men and two women – whose identities we're concealing -- returned to a home in the 5200 block of Coliseum Street to unwind after taking part in Fourth of July festivities around town.  

As they sat, listening to music on a side porch, a masked man approached -- demanding money and their iPhones.

"I just did what I could to keep the tension down and comply and hope that nothing terrible would happen," one of the men said. "There's no need to get shot over something stupid like some dollars or a cell phone." 

Within seconds, though, the situation escalated when the homeowner, who had been inside, walked out to the porch after hearing the commotion.

"(The attacker) was pointing a gun in my face and then he put the gun against the side of my temple and told me to get inside the house," she said. "It was terrifying, you know. Even if he didn't mean to do something, he could've accidentally pulled the trigger." 

Fortunately, the attacker rounded up the cash and phones, and ran off.

While the victims escaped physically unharmed, the nightmare ordeal left them shaken.

"If you can't be safe sitting on your porch, of course, that's infuriating, and just a total violation of private space and just the safety and security of your everyday life," one victim said.

"I don't know when I'll feel comfortable in my own living space again," said the homeowner. "You end the night with some of your friends at home on your porch where you spend a lot of your time and to have something like this occur is so invasive on so many levels and terrifying."

New Orleans Police are investigating the case, but a spokesman said detectives haven't identified a suspect.


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