Woman gives birth in parking lot after hospital evacuates over bomb threat

An Alabama woman gave birth in a hospital's parking lot after a bomb threat forced nurses and staff to evacuate the facility according to Fox News.com.

Tessa Kilgore, of Oakman, was among the 76 patients at the Walker Baptist Medical Center in Jasper when the threat was called into 911 on Friday, the Daily Mountain Eagle reports.

The 21-year-old was in active labor and hospital staff covered her in blankets before taking her outside. She delivered a baby girl, Kylie, 30 minutes later.

"It was just crazy," Kilgore told the Daily Mountain Eagle. "By the time she was born, I didn't care who was around and watching."

Kilgore and the baby were then whisked away in an ambulance to the Alabama Outpatient Surgery Center.

"Certain things can't be planned all the time. Birth is one of them,"  Dr. LoRissia Autery said.