Disabled girl denied access to museum because her wheelchair might dirty carpet

Photo of Lexi Haas from Facebook
Photo of Lexi Haas from Facebook

Savannah, Ga. - A Georgia museum is apologizing after allegedly denying entry to an 11-year-old girl with special needs.

Lexi Haas has a cerebral palsy and requires a specialized wheelchair.  The Haas family, who were visiting from North Carolina, stopped Sunday at the Sea Maritime Museum in Savannah.  The father says they were told Lexi couldn't go in.

"I didn't understand it, so I was a little flabbergasted, said Ken Haas, the girl's father.

The Haas family says they were told Lexi's wheelchair wasn't allowed inside the museum because it would get the floor and rugs dirty.

The family was told they had two options: Lexi could switch to a wheelchair provided by the museum or watch a video presentation in the lower level.  The family said neither one was suitable.

A museum spokesman believes a worker misinterpreted the museum policy.

"This was a hard day, especially since it was a child involved," said Wendy Melton, museum curator. "We are going to reach out to the family and extend our apologies to them."

The museum sent a letter of apology to the Haas family.

This report was compiled with information from CNN.