Hartley outdoors passion leads to new business venture

We've seen his talent as Saints and even a bow fisher, but over the last year, Garrett Hartley has developed another skill, as a businessman.

"I know if football didn't work out, I'd be somewhere in some business," said Hartley. "And figure out how can I make it better?"

In this venture, Hartley used his love of outdoors and, along with partners Josh Galt and Byron Champagne, created X Tag (Xtreme Tactical Archery Gear). Hartley first got introduced to the project while on a hog hunt with Champagne.

"Introduced the product to him, he really loved because Garrett is really into the tactical and hunting," Champagne said. "Once I introduced the product to him he really liked the concept."

Located in Harvey, it's an indoor archery range where outdoorsmen of any age can target practice. It also has a pro shop fully equipped with anything an archer would need.

"Let's do an archery shop, let's have a pro shop," said Hartley. "and really try to get the youth involved and the upcoming generations."

Their website has already begun selling innovative features hunting has never seen like a tactical hand grip, a bi-pod and a new camera mount.

Hartley's first responsibilities are with the Saints, but his business partners said his passion for this project is evident.

"It's a marriage in a sense but it fits," said Galt. "We do well and it's working."

It all gets underway for the grand opening Saturday at 10am. Unfortunately, Hartley will not be there; he'll be in Houston for teammate Thomas Morstead's wedding.