2 suspects indicted in Mother's Day shooting

Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Two brothers were indicted Thursday on 20 counts of attempted second-degree murder in a shooting spree at a Mother's Day parade that left 20 people hurt.

Shawn Scott, 24, and his brother, Akein Scott, 19, also were charged with 14 counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. Bond for each had been set at $10 million after their arrests. Assistant District Attorney Chris Bowman said it was raised to $17 million after the indictment.

Four others were charged as accessories after the fact.

The indictments came to light Thursday in a magistrate court where Shawn Scott had been scheduled for a preliminary hearing in the case.

Scott and his brother were arrested in May, days after the shooting.

Five people arrested as accessories in the case also face bonds of $1 million following their indictments on Thursday. Police have said each is suspected of playing a role in helping one or both of the Scotts avoid capture.

Police have said the shootings were believed to be gang related and that the Scott brothers are thought to be members of a gang called the Frenchmen and Derbigny Boys.

The shooting happened during a "second line" parade, so called because watchers of the procession of musicians and festively clad marchers often join in, forming a second line of marchers. About 400 people were estimated to be watching when the shooting broke out.

The procession, organized by the Original Big 7 club, came to an abrupt end when bullets started flying in the crowd. Surveillance camera video showed one man apparently firing into the crowd, immediately scattering the assembled parade-watchers as some fell to the ground. Police said Akein Scott was identified by an unnamed witness as the person seen on the video.

Police said Shawn Scott is believed to have fired into the crowd from the opposite side of the street.

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