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Toddler buys car on eBay using dad’s phone

Sorella Stoute (Courtesy of KPTV) Sorella Stoute (Courtesy of KPTV)
(Courtesy of eBay) (Courtesy of eBay)

A man in Portland got a surprise gift from his daughter – a car that she bought on eBay. What made the gift even more shocking is that his daughter Sorella is only a year old.

Paul Stoute got a notice from eBay congratulating him on the purchase of a 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite for $225. But there was a problem, he didn't buy it.

After doing some research, Paul realized that his young daughter Sorella, who likes playing with his smart phone, had logged into the eBay app which can be used to instantly make a purchase.

"Tap, tap, tap and now I own a car," Paul told KPTV.

Stoute was recently looking at cars on eBay in hopes to rebuilding one with a friend. "Fortunately, she didn't buy the $38,000 Porsche," Stoute joked.

The couple plans to fix up the car in hopes to give it to his daughter for her 16th birthday or high school graduation.

In the meantime, Paul and his wife have added passwords to protect their phones and have uninstalled any apps that can be used to make purchases.

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