Man accused of having sex with pool float…again

Edwin Tobergta (WLWT-TV)
Edwin Tobergta (WLWT-TV)

Edwin Tobergta of Kentucky has been indicted by a grand jury for public indecency after he was caught having sex with a pool float as reported by WLWT- TV.

According a police report, on June 15, Tobergta "stepped out of his back door, naked, and was having sexual relations with a rubber pool float."

"This occurred in front of several children who saw his genitals and his actions with the float," the report states.

A similar incident happened in 2011 when Tobergta was accused of having sex with a neighbor's pool float. In 2002 a woman told police that he did the same thing with an inflatable pumpkin in her yard.

Following Tobergta's arrest in 2011, a family member said that Tobergta has mental issues and needed help. It is not known if he received treatment.

Tobergta is currently being held at the Butler County jail on $25,000 bond. He is scheduled to be arraigned on July 23.