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Police arrest two in Covington double shooting case

Demontez Tyrell Bedford and Lanell D. Certain (photos from CPD) Demontez Tyrell Bedford and Lanell D. Certain (photos from CPD)

FOX 8 received this news release from the Covington Police Dept. Thursday evening:

At approximately Midnight on July 3, 2013, the Covington Police Department was contacted by St. Tammany Parish Hospital. The call was in reference to a 19 year old female subject who had a gunshot wound to one of her legs. Officers interviewed the victim who told them she was sitting on a vehicle at 9xx West 32nd Ave. when a vehicle drove by and started shooting at her, and the three people she was with. The victim, Dymond Silvan was so upset she could not describe the shooter's vehicle to responding Officers. The victim had a large caliber gunshot wound to her leg. She was treated for the gunshot wound at St. Tammany Parish Hospital and then released. The other individuals at the residence were not struck during the drive-by. One of the victims was the owner of the residence Lanell Certain.

The Covington Police Department requested help from the public in a press release. Many leads were received including tips from Crimestoppers. Using these tips Covington Investigators began to put together a case for the subject or subjects who did the drive-by. The first break in the case came when the Investigators were able to identify the vehicle used in the shooting, a 1997 maroon colored 4 door Buick with tinted windows. Further checks revealed that the vehicle belonged to Demontez Tyrell Bedford. Armed with this information, detectives located Mr. Bedford's vehicle. When Detectives searched the vehicle they found evidence in the vehicle that indicated it had been used in the shooting. Further investigation allowed detectives to place Mr. Bedford and his vehicle at the scene of the drive-by. Detectives then obtained warrants for 4 counts of Principal to Attempted 2nd Degree Murder. At approximately 4:30 PM on Wednesday July 10, 2013, Mr. Bedford was placed under arrest by Detectives on these warrants.

At approximately 5:00 AM on July 3, 2013, the Covington Police Department was again contacted by St. Tammany Parish Hospital in reference to another victim with a gunshot wound. This time it was a 26 year old male, Emmitt Roach who had been shot in the face. Officers were unable to question the victim due to the severity of his injuries.

Again with the assistance of leads and Crimestoppers tips, Covington Police Detectives began to put together a case for the assailant who shot the man in the face. Tips started to come in that the shooter was Lanell Certain. Using evidence at the scene Detectives determined that Emmitt Roach, had been shot at approximately 3:00 AM and had lain in the parking lot bleeding until approximately 5:00 AM. At 5:00 AM his girlfriend came home found him and drove him to St. Tammany Parish Hospital. Further investigation revealed that this shooting and the earlier drive-by shooting were linked. The shooting of Mr. Roach was in retaliation to the drive-by shooting, in which Mr. Certain was the intended target. The investigation also revealed that Ms. Silvan was an innocent bystander.

When questioned by Detectives, Mr. Certain stated that he felt Mr. Roach had set him up for the drive-by shooting. This was Certain's motive for shooting him.

At approximately 7:00 PM on Wednesday July 10, 2013 Mr. Certain was arrested by Covington Detectives on warrants for Attempted 2nd Degree Murder and Felon in Possession of a firearm.

Shooting Victims:

  • Dymond Silvan, 20 years of age, 21xxx Fern St. Covington, LA 70435
  • Emmitt Roach, 26 years of age, 20xxx Palm Blvd. Covington, LA 70435

Arrested Subjects:

  • Demontez Tyrell Bedford, 20 years of age, 21xxx Dogwood Abita Springs, LA
    • 4 counts Principal to 2nd Degree Murder
  • Lanell D. Certain, 26 years of age, 9xx West 32nd Ave. Covington, LA 70433
    • 1 ct. Attempted 2nd Degree Murder
    • 1 ct. Felon in Possession of a Firearm
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