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Violet man crashes car into house, killing one

St. Bernard Parish -- A car crashes into a St. Bernard Parish home, killing one man inside the car and injuring four others, including three kids. State Police suspect the driver was impaired as he drove at speeds close to 100 miles per hour before smashing into the house near the St. Bernard/Plaquemines Parish line.

B.J. Hartman recalls the moments before a Chevrolet Camaro slammed into her home Saturday night saying, "It was loud, fast and you knew it was coming in your house and you knew there was nothing you could do to stop it."

The crash heavily damaged one side of the house, sending two by fours and glass flying into Hartman's living room. She explains, "It came up and hit the corner of the house and somehow it flipped upside down and a tire was on the ground and the man's arm was under the house...he was not alive."

The front passenger in the car, 46 year old Victor Major, died at the scene. He was the only person not wearing a seatbelt. State Police say the driver, 38 year old Samuel Hampton Jr. of Violet, was traveling at a high rate of speed on LA 39. He was first spotted by a Plaquemines Parish deputy who tried to pulled him over. But the deputy couldn't stop Hampton in time. After the car left the roadway it barreled through a yard and just barely missed a gas pipeline before hitting a tree.

Authorities think the tree helped slow down the car a bit before it flipped and smashed into Hartman's home. Hartman, upon impact, was flung across the room, all while sitting on her couch. Her husband, who was in the bathroom, became stuck there by falling shelves and glass.

But Hartman says her major concern after the crash, was making sure the three kids inside the car were ok. A 10-year-old and 11-year-old were able to escape from the back window that had smashed, but a four-year-old was still stuck inside. That's when, Hartman says, one of the little girls jumped into action explaining, "This little girl dove into the car through the window they came out of and went and found this little girl and brought her out and brought her inside."

Hartman says the girls were incredibly brave despite the horrific crash. All three were taken to Interim LSU Hospital with moderate injuries.

The driver of the car, Samuel Hampton Jr. was also taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. Criminal charges are pending against him.

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