Fan catches four foul balls in one game

Associated Press
Associated Press

A fan at Sunday's game between the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals at Progressive Field in Cleveland grabbed four foul balls, an incredibly rare achievement.

Greg Van Niel, a season ticket holder wasn't sitting in his usual seat, but got four new souvenirs during the Indians' 6-4 win.

"Three of them were catches and one was a ball I picked up off the ground," Van Niel told the team. "The third one I think was the hardest one - I think I ended up sprawled across a few rows, and I got some cheese on myself. But the other ones were just a matter of being in the right place at the right time."

Van Niel had never caught a foul ball prior to Sunday's game.

Ideal Seat, a site which tracks foul ball landing spots-estimates the odds of catching four foul balls in one game is roughly one trillion to one.