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Houma woman survives lightning strike inside store

Houma, La. - For Lakeisha Brooks, it was a frightening, surreal experience.

Monday afternoon, lightning struck her as she stood inside a Rouse's grocery store in Houma.

"It hit right through like the top of my head, down my spine all the way to my left thigh. From my left thigh, it ricocheted to my right foot and the tile right under me lifted and it threw my shoe under the register," she said. "It was stinging, burning. My eyes were burning. It was something I never experienced ever, ever in my life."

First responders believe the lightning struck the building's roof, traveled through the sprinkler system and conducted through a metal plate on the floor where Brooks was standing.

She said employees immediately rushed to help.

"They called the paramedics," Brooks said. "They couldn't believe it themselves, because they looked to the ceiling and they saw the floor and they saw the impact and they asked me, how I was doing. I was alert at the time, but when it registered, when the pain started hitting, I knew right then and there, something was really wrong, seriously."

Tuesday, Brooks went to Chabert Medical Center for a checkup, as she still felt some pain.

Making the situation even more unbelievable, Brooks said, was the fact that she actually went inside the store to get away from the bad weather.

"(I was) thinking, you know, we're safer in the store," she said. "Nothing is gonna happen."

Strangely and improbably, though, something did happen, leaving Brooks and her daughter shaken, but also thankful.

"I was kind of shocked because it's not very often that you see people getting shocked by lightning in a store," said Shalynn Williams, her daughter.

"All the reality, inside the ambulance, it hit me then. I was blessed. God is good," Brooks said.

Tuesday, a Rouse's spokesperson expressed concern for Brooks and said employees followed company procedures immediately following the incident.

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