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Girl's death prompts strong neighborhood reaction

Harvey, La. - People in the neighborhood where the body of 6-year-old Ahlittia North was found said only someone without a conscience could murder a young child and then discard her like a piece of trash.

Minutes before 1 p.m. Tuesday, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office removed police tape that had cordoned off a full block of apartments for more than 12 hours, and then the outpouring of sympathy swelled. People flocked to the area to contribute more items to a makeshift memorial of flowers and teddy bears.

"It's a real tragic moment, I just feel sorry for her parents," said Lindsey Newman.

One by one, other people arrived at the shrine. They said when a 6-year-old is found dead in a trash bin, how could they stay away?

"I just came to pay my respects," said Elisha Turner. 

Ahlittia North was reported missing Saturday from an apartment in the 2900 Block of Destrehan Avenue, only doors away from where the horrific discovery of her body occurred.

"That's my next door neighbor," said Janeishaeia Biagas. "I used to see the little girl all the time and say, 'how are you're doing?' and go about my business."

And even before confirmation that the little girl had been found dead, neighbors became suspicious shortly after midnight because of police activity in the area.

"I knew it was something serious when it was one-something in the morning and they were knocking on our door," said Biagas.

Orange boxes were painted where the trash can was discovered with the child's body. Some residents speculate that Ahlittia was dumped there Tuesday because it is trash pickup day.

"Just so happened by the grace of God they found the little girl. "It would have been messed up if the trash people would have come," said Biagas.

"It's very bad, very bad and sad," said Lee Murphy, who lives in the area. "I have seven grandkids myself, I watch all my grandkids all the time and I feel sorry for the family."

And all afternoon people were coming from all over the metro area just to see for themselves where the little girl was found and to offer support to this hurting community.

"Actually, I came looking for the family to be able to pray with them, you know, and whoever, because it's really sad right now," said Carolyn Dennis, who does not know the child or her family.

And some said they have no sympathy for the person responsible for the child's murder. 

"If they did it, they got to do what they have to do," Murphy said. "That's a child. A child can't do no harm."

An impromptu prayer circle took place at the memorial just before 5 p.m.


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