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Harvey community rallies around Ahlittia North's family

Ahlittia North Ahlittia North

Harvey, La. - A Harvey community reaches out to support a young mother as she mourns the loss of her 6-year-old daughter, Ahlittia North. Meanwhile, the man who investigators say confessed to stabbing the little girl to death sits behind bars without bond.

The memorial near where investigators found Ahlittia North's body continues to grow. 

"I've never seen anything this large before," said resident Michelle Davis. "As a matter of fact, I've never really experienced anything like this before, so I guess everybody's feeling the same way that we're feeling right now. Just heartfelt for the family and this poor little angel that's passed away."

North's death is touching a lot of people in this close knit community. According to authorities Matthew Flugence confessed to murdering the little six year old girl Saturday morning.

"We're not exactly sure at this point in time whether she was lured," said Sheriff Newell Normand. "His story is that in the very early morning hours, I think his exact words were, around sunrise, that he happened to see her out and about and he was out and about walking through the neighborhood."

Flugence was arrested Tuesday night after witnesses called 911 because they recognized him walking alongside the road in Westwego. He was carrying a knife that he told investigators was the knife he used to kill the child. North's mother says she's pleased he's behind bars but the grieving process for little Ahilittia is just beginning.

"It's going to be hard because I can't seem to get my arms around, grasping the fact that she's gone," said Lisa North-Hill.

People from all across Jefferson Parish have been visiting the memorial and reaching out with North's family. Many say they'll keep in touch with Lisa North-Hill, who's just a 20 year old, dealing with this monumental loss.

"We will be there for her," said neighbor Rashakka Hanson. "She has a lot of the females' phone numbers who came up and greeted her and hugged her, we all touched hands with the lady and we wished her well and ask that she stay firm with God and believe that something that happen to you is very, very tragic but the community is here for you."

And the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office needs the community's help too. In addition to first-degree murder, Flugence is also charged with sexual battery on an 11-year-old girl. Sheriff Normand is urging anyone who may have information about other victims to come forward.

Matthew Flugence's brother, Russell, was also arrested and is charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly having information about north's murder and withholding it. Matthew and Russell are the nephews of Ahlittia's stepfather and they were well known to the family.

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