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Lakeview drivers frustrated with bad streets

New Orleans, La. - Bad alignments and busted bumpers are all too common and costly problems for drivers in Lakeview.

Katherine Young doesn't believe Center Street is a street at all.

"This is a wagon trail," says Young.

From Fleur De Lis to Avenue B to Bellaire, drivers are forced to go around dips and turns in the roadway. Neighbors say it's become a lot worse since Katrina.

"It's gotten much worse since the storm especially with the heavy traffic," says Don Turnipseed.

"There are people who don't even want to come visit me. It's a mess," says Young.

Young and others are extremely frustrated.

The city says it's implementing a $240 million FEMA-funded recovery road program. The money will be used to repair Katrina-related sub-surface and road damage in 72 neighborhoods across New Orleans.

The program includes an estimated $14 million for roadway improvements in the Lakeview neighborhood.

The city says road repairs in Lakeview should begin this fall. That construction, though, will last until late 2015.

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