Saints Gearing Up For Training Camp

Saints players report to Training Camp Thursday when the Black and Gold coaching staff will size up how ready-for-the-season players are with a series of strength and conditioning tests.

Practices begins Friday morning at 8:50.

Most of the sessions are open to the public, who will no doubt spend a lot of time evaluating the Saints new 3-4 Defense under Rob Ryan.

Former Saint, now NFL Network analyst Darren Sharper says in order for this new "D" to be effective against today's mobile, option offenses - it will need to be more aggressive: act first.

"The thing about playing defense is you want to force the offense to react to you. A lot of times, defenses sit back and end up reacting to the offenses. That's a no win situation because the offense knows where they're going. The offenses are complex, they have great players - so you have to force the issue. Once you do that you can push the offense back on their heels," he says.

Sharper says the Saints Defense should use the upcoming training camp to grow its confidence.

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