Brees ready for a fresh start in 2013

Brees is ready for a 'bounce back' year in 2013 (AP Photo)
Brees is ready for a 'bounce back' year in 2013 (AP Photo)

For the Saints, summer is done and school is back in session. And for quarterback Drew Brees, with Sean Payton back, things just feel right again.

"We're all excited," Brees said. "We are all glad to get to a sense of normalcy finally get a training camp that's all about football."

But in the NFL, a new year bring new changes to personnel. One of those changes is at left tackle. Gone is the steady play of Jermon Bushrod. Competiting for his spot are three uncertainties: the oft-injured Charles Brown, rookie Terron Armstead and former first round bust Jason Smith.

The bottom line for the first time since 2009, Brees is not sure who will be protecting his blindside. Although he still has confidence in the competition.

"I think we've got three or four guys that are competiting for it," Brees said. "When that decision is made that guy would've earned that position."

In 2012, Brees led the NFL in passing yards and touchdowns but still overall it was considered a down year for him. Brees said he's ready to put everything associated with last season completely behind him.

"I don't think angry is the word but very focused," Brees said. "Just locked in on a mission."

As for those who have taken the Saints out of the conversation of Super Bowl contenders, Brees had a simple message.

"We're all motivated anyway, but we'll stay under the radar until it's time."