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The 3 summer skirts your closet needs

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By Julie Andrews
From Ideas That Spark 

Just like every gal's wardrobe must include one LBD (little black dress), every fashion-forward woman's summer closet should also boast summer skirts: a mini skirt, midi skirt and maxi skirt.

And with trends showcasing a panoply of hemlines, to skirt-lovers' delight, you can now pull off a full range of looks with short, mid- and maximum-length swaths of fabric. Here, how to wear each.

The Mini Skirt: Fearless Wild Child

There's been a nostalgic resurgence of the itty-bitty mini skirt of the free-bird 60s. A mini is no-doubt the sexiest of all summer skirts a woman can own. These shorties show some leg and scream exuberance, irreverence and uncontainable youth. Still fearless and flirty, the new mini skirt is not however still mutually exclusive with skin-tight. It comes in a sprectrum of hemlines, from low mid-thigh and inching up to upper thigh. You can also find a pleated or flowy takes, making the mini skirt an option for all skirt-lovers. Go with what you're most comfortable wearing. Pulling at hemlines? Not so seductive.

How to Wear: How you wear minis depends on its style, whether it flashes a vibrant print, is pleated, flowy or pin-straight. Our favorite look is less showgirl (meaning not coupling supershort minis with overly skimpy top and sky-high heels) and more down-played, lackadaisical cool, "Yes, I'm sexy, so what?" (minis paired with a slouchy tees or knits, or simple tanks, and sandals flat and strappy to clunky). As ever, match your outfit to the occasion. Feeling awkwardly under- or over-dressed distracts from good times.

The Midi Skirt: Ladylike

Somewhere in-between strictly feminine and sexy flows the midi. A nod to Forties elegance, this silhouette was celebrated in spring and is fast becoming a summer classic. On trend with most summer skirts right now, you'll find this hem-length (slightly longer than that of a pencil skirt) available in multiple iterations, from solid-color and skintight, or flowery and flowing.

How to wear: Dress up a midi skirt with pointy nude heels and a loose-fitting blouse; or, dress down, with a simple tank and sandals. If your midi skirt is tight, complete the ensemble with heels and a looser fitting, billowy blouse or a simple fitted tucked-in tank. If your midi skirt is pleated, go for a slouchy, tucked tee.

The Maxi Skirt: Boho Chic

Seemingly never going out of style since its instant glamorous-and-casual emergence years ago, these liberating, free-flowing summer skirts are light, toe-grazing, ankle-sweeping and all-around twirl-around summer skirt. Often extremely sheer, such as chiffon, (adding to the nymph-like ethereal effect), you'll want to layer accordingly as to avoid over-exposure.

How to Wear: A can't-go-wrong weekend classic, try pairing one of these long summer skirts with a fitted tank or loose-fitting tee and flat pumps or sandals.

Julie Andrews
is a freelance writer and editor living in New York City. Her articles have appeared in print or online at Shape, Prevention, Cosmo For Latinas andMen's Fitness.

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