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In Saints' left tackle competition, Charles Brown is in the lead

It was called the biggest position battle of Saints battle of training camp. But after seven practice thus far, the left tackle competition hasn't really been that big of a competition at all.

Charles Brown, Jason Smith and Terron Armstead are all competing, but Brown has been the steadiest and has taken every single first team rep.

"I feel a lot more comfortable," said Brown, who's entering the final year of his rookie contract. "Me and Ben (Grubbs) been making good calls and reacting to what the defense gives us."

But Brown is a realist. He knows his ability on the ability to play has never been a question. His ability to healthy is.

"I'm healthy right now and I'm playing right now and that's a good thing," said Brown, who sounded like a man clearly frustrated with the same question.

The health issue, though, is a fair one. During his first three years in the NFL, Brown suffered two season-ending injuries.

While he's been the most consistent, head coach Sean Payton is far from handing the job over to him right now.

"He's working with the one's right now but there's competition at the position," said Payton. "I think he's ready for the transition to step into that spot. It's not going to be handed him. He'll have to earn it and part of that is staying healthy."

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