Lakeview family shaken after intruders enter home over weekend

One of the surveillance cameras at the victims' home
One of the surveillance cameras at the victims' home

In the early morning hours Sunday, terrifying moments unfolded for a Lakeview family when intruders entered their home.

"My dog sees them. She starts barking. My wife looks up -- there's two guys in the house. She starts screaming, 'Burglars, burglars in the house,'" said the homeowner, who didn't want to be identified.

The homeowner showed us how surveillance cameras in the front and back of the house captured the criminals at work. "We go back to the surveillance tapes and we realize that there were three guys in the front of the house, two in the back."

The video is dark, but it clearly shows one suspect getting into the homeowner's truck as two accomplices casually scope out the area.

Around the same time, the rear camera captures images of two suspects entering the backyard area. The homeowner believes they first tried to remove his outdoor flat screen television, before entering the home.

Several seconds later, the suspects are shown running from the scene -- ending the threat, but leaving some in the family shaken.

"My wife is pretty traumatized. My daughter doesn't want to sleep at home. She wants to sleep at a friend's house," the homeowner said. "I'm not running from this. [The suspects are] not gonna run me from my neighborhood where I grew up and I'm gonna stand my ground just like anybody else from Lakeview would. This is where we grew up. This is where I want to raise my kids, but I hate seeing the crime coming through here like it is. It's pretty rampant right now."

The New Orleans Police Department is investigating. The homeowner said officers found fingerprints and collected possible DNA evidence at the home.

Meanwhile, he wants to encourage others in the Lakeview area to remain on guard.

"If you have cameras, make sure they work. Be vigilant. Keep your lights on. Keep your alarms on. We made some of our own mistakes in this situation which we're gonna try to rectify with our kids as well as my wife and I but just be vigilant. Keep an eye out. Call the police if you see something suspicious," he said.