After Further Review: 3rd WR battle just heating up

All training camp the third wide receiver battle has been the most competitive of camp.

Friday night vs. Kansas City we saw why.

Kenny Stills, Nick Toon, Andy Tanner and now Preston Parker all were given an opportunity to make plays. And all of them, in some form or fashion, did.

Stills' NFL debut was kind of quirky. He dropped on a deep ball, he made a great catch on a back shoulder throw, he fumbled an end around, got flagged for questionable offensive pass interference and drew a pass interference call as well.

But what stood out most was his speed. Stills consistently got behind cornerbacks. And neither Drew Brees nor Luke McCown was afraid to put it up to him. That says something.

Toon made plays. In one drive he had three big catches. Two were on back-to-back plays that resulted in gains of 22 and 17 yards.

Tanner caught three passes. All three resulted in first downs. One came on a seem for 37 yards, another on a third and short and another over the middle where he carried defenders for the extra five.

And of course there was Parker.

Coach Sean Payton never had to be asked specifically about the night Parker had in his post game press conference. He voluntarily said multiple times how great it was.

His two touchdowns provided the points necessary to win the game. Parker seemed cool, confident and most of all comfortable in what is a very complex offense.

It wasn't all perfect for everyone. Payton cringed at alignment and personnel issues with some players. That happens with young receivers. The good clearly outplayed the bad.

But now all of this leads to a dilemma. It's simple math. There's only so many roster spots open and the Saints have typically kept five, plus Courtney Roby.

So who do the Saints keep after Marques Colston and Lance Moore? Do they say goodbye to one of the four? Or is this finally the year they part ways with Roby and keep four?

All are legitimate questions. And if Friday night was any indication, the coaches won't have an easy time this preseason making the answers.